Fish Cooler Bag







KatchKooler, reusable Ice-Blanket & (2 Liters) Water-Bladder:

#1 KatchKooler (16” x 36”) fish bag: This bag can be folded and stashed in your backpack or gear-bag.

#2 Reusable Ice-Blankets (16” x 9.5”): This will cold wrap your fish & you can keep refreezing the sheets.

#3 Water-Bladder 2 liters (6” x 16”): In the pictures below you will see a Platypus Hydration water bladder (Try not to buy a water bladder that is bigger than 16”(41cm), if you do you might have a difficult time folding your KatchKooler bag)

#4 Freeze almost 1/2 the water in the bladder the day before with a plain-Cap: (Try not to freeze your hose)  This will serve as a dual role by keeping your water cold and also gives extra coldness to the fish.

#5  Tube insulator w/ bite valve cover: Fends off freezing temps or blazing sun for extended periods

#6 (Optional) Survival Water Filter Straw: If you are fresh water fishing in a cold climate area, you might want to lighten your load and consider buying a water filter-straw & substitute the water-bladder.  When hiking to your location, the object here is trying to be resourceful as possible & carry all your important gear.